Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tetsuo!!! Tribute to Akira and CGchub challenge entry.

Last Sunday I spend mostly on the couch watching tv and sketching away in my sketchbook. It was quite some time ago since I managed to render out a drawing with pencil. It really is satisfying though frustrating when you mess up and have to erase. Especially since my eraser is rather big and tends to erase more than intended.
Anyway, I made this drawing for the CGhub.com challenge; "Experiment Gone Wrong". I couldn't really come up with an original idea so I borrowed it from my favourite anime. I have to recommend you read the original manga novel. It's a classic that resonates still in the back of my mind.
Let's hope I'm not disqualified for the challenge... :)

Monday, April 5, 2010


Another try at some landscapes, I think I need to really keep practising. It still feels like a subject I haven't really mastered yet. The one on the top might actually get a new version of it because after I finished it I wanted to see more of the mountains in the distance. I might turn it into a panoramic shot. Anyway, I've got some great news coming soon. So stay tuned!