Thursday, July 29, 2010

APC votex

I just had the urge to paint a APC for no good reason. I spent around 5 to 6 hours on it. I think that I will try a more extreme design next time. Anyway, I think that for an afternoon of painting the result is not to bad.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Under the Mountain

Here's a not so fast speedpaint. It started as an exploration of colour use and it turned into this. I really need to practise more on interesting compositions and designs... Oh well, next time.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Speed paint nr. 300293142442,5

Really, it's just another speedpaint to experiment with colours and shapes. It was however quite nice to not give a flippin fuck about composition this time.
Good day!

What's up Mr. Cthulhu

Here's old Grumpy Trousers himself, Mr. Cthulhu. He feels misunderstood and doesn't connect with the youngsters anymore. He wants to return to his lair under the sea but some old fool is drilling for oil there... poor old Mr. Cthulhu. Maybe a hot cup of tea will cheer him up.

Wow, time goes supersonic when you're busy!

Well, hello there my beloved friends, I'm glad to see you still visit me at times. A lot has happened after I returned from my wonderful trip to Japan. The journey to the east awakened a slumbering passion for change and travel. I realised that haven't seen much of the world as much as I like in those 27 years I'm breathing. On my return to Holland I decided to make a change.

The first step was quitting my job at Triumph Studios. I have enjoyed my time there and worked with some great people. Still, after almost two years of being a little art minion at Triumph I needed a new adventure. I had no new job lined up but I thought; what the heck!
I was lucky to be in contact with a rather large developer & publisher and after some talks and chats I landed myself a job at... Ubisoft Massive!

I'm packing my stuff and I move to Malmo, Sweden at the beginning of August. I'm very excited to start working with my new team there at Ubisoft Massive. So goodbye Holland, hello blonde-ikea-h&m-abba people!

Stay tuned because I have some free time on my hands to work a bit on my art. Updates imminent!