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I'm an 29 year dude born and raised in The Netherlands. I've always been interested in telling stories but I never really knew how until I held a pencil. After having decorated every surface with my array of drawing utensils, my parents invented paper. When the trees were about to go extinct they invented the computer. Thanks to my neighbor, Mr Wacom, I also had a mean to properly express myself on that digital surface. Having spend all my money on comics as a teenager I came to the conclusion that it might not be a bad idea if those comic studios paid me for once.
Well, that would have made perfect sense if I had not been playing video games and had heard that they require concept artists...
After spending my spare time helping with game mod's and figuring out how the big names in the industry do it. I found myself a first gig at a game studio.
After having worked a number of studios I ended up working at Ubisoft Massive in Malmö. Having completed my work on the latest Assassin's Creed game I decided to go freelance.

Currently I'm available for freelance, contract and full-time employment.

Studios I've worked for:
- Massive, a Ubisoft studio
- Triumph Studios 
- Pivotal Games
- Streamline Studios

Projects I've worked on:
- Assassin's Creed: Revelations
- Overlord 2
- Overlord
- Gears of War
- Unreal Tournament 2007
- Battlefield 2142
- Saints Row
- X3: Reunion
- Maelstrom


gillesketting @ gmail.com

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