Thursday, March 31, 2016

Count Cockatoo

Afternoon brush and painting practise from scratch. I was trying to get as much texture from brushes without resorting to photo-textures and then this popped into my head :)

Count Cockatoo - Oh the poor fools that mock such a valiant knight, many a graveyard is filled with them. "The Chicken Knight" was what they would shout from their horses, castle walls, and towers only to be met with a most violent death. The screams still haunt the skies for the birds of Count Cockatoo will not let a soul rest.

Monday, March 28, 2016

River Wild

These are crops of a larger painting but I need to fix a lot to it before I'm ready to share it. The concept behind the paining is a group of Native Americans teaming up with runaway slaves to fight a guerilla war against the big land and slave owners. Their rebellion becomes quite successful and they see a long and often successful campaign, causing their cultures to mix to become a blend of Native and African styles, faiths, customs and languages. I know this might sound a bit far fetched but the idea was something powerful people in the US were afraid that it could happen at the time and actually made sure to antagonise the groups against each other. (I noticed the rifles are a bit too modern, will need to change that or just think they managed to fight their cause well into the 20th century).

Friday, March 25, 2016

Abettors of the Beast

Concepts for a cancelled short film called the Abettors of the Beast. The story was about a cult that worships what they think are fallen angels but is really a different form of intelligence. Got a lot of my reference for the images on my trip to Italy last year.

More Ashen Falls

Although the development game is currently on hold I do hope to continue one day.