Monday, October 17, 2011

Gatecrasher repair

Well, another one that took me a bit longer to finish than I liked (16hours). I guess that by stretching the work over a couple of days didn't help. Not working in an office has it's benefits but it also means that I get distracted easily by all kinds of things, either work or pleasure related. So to have actually finished this is actually quite a relieve.
This is not official Killzone art, it's more like fan art and to prove that I can do something along the style of the game.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pen Sketches (for sale)

It was about time I scanned something. These are done straight on paper with a ballpoint pen. I actually barely use pencils anymore. Somhow the pen feels better when sketching and mistakes can be lucky accidents...
Anyway, the two are for sale. The originals are 150,- euro's each. Mail me if you are interested.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ikko Ikki Assassins

I finally got myself to finish this one. It's a bit of wink to Assassin's Creed but with a Japanese twist. I've struggled with the composition and I still think I might tweak it a bit later. The Ikko Ikki are and old Japanese "clan" that came forth out of a budist movement. These guys where mainly monks and peasants... can you tell I'm a big Shogun 2: Total War player :)
Anyway, it's nice to finally have a more finished piece down after all the 15 minutes sketches. Cheers!

Updated Marine

I thought it was time to add some color.