Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wow, time goes supersonic when you're busy!

Well, hello there my beloved friends, I'm glad to see you still visit me at times. A lot has happened after I returned from my wonderful trip to Japan. The journey to the east awakened a slumbering passion for change and travel. I realised that haven't seen much of the world as much as I like in those 27 years I'm breathing. On my return to Holland I decided to make a change.

The first step was quitting my job at Triumph Studios. I have enjoyed my time there and worked with some great people. Still, after almost two years of being a little art minion at Triumph I needed a new adventure. I had no new job lined up but I thought; what the heck!
I was lucky to be in contact with a rather large developer & publisher and after some talks and chats I landed myself a job at... Ubisoft Massive!

I'm packing my stuff and I move to Malmo, Sweden at the beginning of August. I'm very excited to start working with my new team there at Ubisoft Massive. So goodbye Holland, hello blonde-ikea-h&m-abba people!

Stay tuned because I have some free time on my hands to work a bit on my art. Updates imminent!

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