Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ikko Ikki Assassins

I finally got myself to finish this one. It's a bit of wink to Assassin's Creed but with a Japanese twist. I've struggled with the composition and I still think I might tweak it a bit later. The Ikko Ikki are and old Japanese "clan" that came forth out of a budist movement. These guys where mainly monks and peasants... can you tell I'm a big Shogun 2: Total War player :)
Anyway, it's nice to finally have a more finished piece down after all the 15 minutes sketches. Cheers!

1 comment:

  1. Woow! This is amazing drawing, at first i thought it was 3d when i saw it in google miniature size image. I like the design of the assassin's. And also the samurai, who is sure about to die.

    I also did a japanesse assassin's creed artwork, and is also placed in Himeji castle, so it could perfectly fit in the same scene, just my assassin outfit is a little more classic ninja clothing, is just what i saw in my research, but really like ur design.
    Here is my drawing, hope u like it.