Monday, January 30, 2012

Mechs, 3D and some zombies...

I've "secretly" been working on a new project for some time. It's a personal project that I'm not going to disclose to much about it except that it includes mechs and zombies. After some initial sketches I wanted to brush up my 3D skills and modeled the mech in 3DsMax. I often use Max to set up scenes but only very simple and basic, this one was a bit more of a challenge and it was very rewarding to get quite close to the initial sketch. For the buildings in the scene I booted up SketchUp for the second time and found it to be really great for simple geometry. Finally I had myself some fun playing around with the renders in Max. Now I just need to paint in the dozens of zombies and a shitload of destruction and fire. FUN!
Top image: Quicksilver render, 10 minutes on 4.0X Quality with "mr sky portal" lights.
Bottom image: Iray render, 45 minutes with "mr sky portal" lights.

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