Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Some explosive zombies for valentines day. They are a part of my little Mechs vs Zombies project.
2023, the whole of the Americas has been overrun by a mutated Ebola virus, turning almost everyone into zombies. What started as an humanitarian operation by the new superpowers of the world. Ended up as full-on land grab. Creating a new cold war with many open conflicts. The best equipment for this operation are mechs, fusion powered walking tanks. Great for clearing (sub)urban areas of zombies and other threats.
Thousands of survivors on American soil have formed strongholds. From there they do not only try to survive the zombies but also keep their country free of these mechanical invaders. They are the American Human Resistance and their main weapons are ZEDs; zombie explosive devices.
Well more on that project later. Cheers!

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